Recent Countries Taking a Stand in the Plastic Epidemic

So recently, I have tried to become a little more conscience of my plastic consumption. For instance, my family and I are now using reusable bags for grocery shopping, and using reusable water bottles. If you don’t know already, plastic is a major modern-day problem. Plastic is engulfing our oceans and landfills, and the creation of plastic products releases tons of carbon emissions. Fortunately, some countries have promised change in the world of plastic, so I have created this list to share some of these specific countries!


About a month ago, a pregnant whale was found dead off the coast of Italy containing 48 pounds of plastic. This has caused Italy to make major strides to reduce the plastic consumption in the country. By 2021, the country has promised a law banning certain plastic products including plastic plates and straws. Hopefully, the rest of Europe will follow in Italy’s footsteps!


Bangladesh was the first country to implement a plastic bag ban due to a drainage clog. Bangladesh’s pipes were clogged due to pieces of plastic, which pushed them to create a plastic bag ban.


China used to be a huge contributor to the global water problem, using over 3 billion plastic bags yearly. Forchenetly, China created banned thin plastic bags, which has significantly reduced global waste. China claims there is a 66 percent drop in the usage of plastic bags!


Kenya nipped plastic in the butt with it’s fairly recent ban. In Kenya, anyone selling or caught utilizing plastic bags is sentenced to 4 years in jail or a $38,000 fine. Kenya obtains one of the world’s strictest plastic policy.


Microbeads are small pellets of plastic found in many household items. Microbeads are utilized in various products including toothpaste, lotions, and bath products. These microbeads end up in rivers, lakes, and our oceans through our drains. The microbeads are ingested by marine life, which releases toxins into the environment. Canada has completely banned the production of microbeads. Britain and the Neverlands also banned microbeads in their country.

Not the US

Even though the US has banned microbeads, there has not been enough environmental action in the area of plastic prevention. I believe most plastic products should be eventually banned including plastic straws, bags, and bottles in the US. If the plastic problem is ever going to be solved, the US needs to create new plastic regulations.

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