BEST Fake Meats

Trying to find a good fake meat brand can be challenging for a vegan beginner. This list is for all vegans experimenting with different fake meat brands.

Gardein chicken nuggets

Gardein is a popular vegan food brand, that offers many great vegan products. My favorite gardein product is definitely their chicken nuggets. The chicken nuggets are easy to make, and quite delicious. Even though the chicken nuggets lack in nutritional value and are not the best health wise, they are contain the flavor and texture of a chicken nugget.

Gardein Meatballs

Along with the chicken nuggets, gardein meatballs are also great. With a good tomato sauce and pasta, these meatballs are amazing! I try not to eat these meatballs regularly due to the unhealthy ingredients. All gardein products are soy based, meaning they do not contain many vegetables or plant based protein. But if you are craving a meatball, this is your best option

Field Roast Sausage

Unlike the gardien brand, Field Roast sausages contain some nutritional value. They are made with eggplant and fennel, along with soy. These sausages are the best sausages, especially paired with peppers and onions!

Impossible burger

The impossible burger can not be found in stores, but rather in restaurants. The impossible burger is juicy and delicious. It is especially good paired with a vegan mayo sauce. Again, impossible burgers are not very healthy, but they do contain 20 grams of protein. The impossible burger is now offered at Burger King and White Castle!

Beyond burger

For an at home burger option, Beyond Burgers are great! Beyond Burgers never fail to amaze me. With a whopping 20 grams of protein, Beyond Burgers take any ordinary summer barbecue to the next level!

Amy’s California Burger

The Amy’s California Burger is my favorite veggie burger. First of all, the burger is made from all whole foods including mushrooms and carrots. For a healthier burger, this California burger is a great option!

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  1. Love this I have recently became vegan and this really helped me for good meat replacements. I loved meat but then I went on a farm and saw the innocent animals then just had to become vegan. You are right these meats taste exactly the same as real meat.


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