Vegan Baking Replacements

As you probably know, many recipes call for milk, eggs, honey, butter, yogurt, and refined sugar, which are all non vegan ingredients. If you are craving a sweet on a vegan diet don’t fear, it is easy to replace non vegan items in a recipe. This list will provide you with some of my favorite vegan substitutes!

Egg Replacements

Flax eggs: 

oFlax eggs are great substitute for any vegan treat! Flax eggs are my personal favorite egg replacer, and work the best in many recipes. My one tip is to remember to use ground flaxseed, instead of whole flaxseeds. Ground flax seeds can be found in the vegan/nutrition eille of your local grocery store. 


3 tablespoons of water+1 tablespoon of flax seeds=1 egg


  1. Add 3 tablespoons of water to 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed
  2. Then, stir the mixture and set aside
  3. Wait 10 minutes, then add to your batter!!


Apple sauce is another egg replacer, but does not work as well as flax eggs. Apple sauce does add a great flavor to any baked good. I know not everyone has ground flax seed in their pantry, so I included this convenient option.


¼ cup of applesauce=1 egg

Milk Replacements

Milk is probably the easiest thing to replace in a recipe. Any non dairy milk will replace cow’s milk. Since, milk is used to moisten the batter, it is easy to replace it. My favorite non dairy milk is definitely almond milk. In my opinion, almond milk has the most subtle taste compared to coconut milk, and works the best in any recipe!

Butter Replacements

I have to say, I do not recommend replacing butter in a recipe. There is not one ultimate vegan substitute for butter. For instance, vegan butter or margarine has the taste of the real butter, but does not contribute to the baked goods texture. Shortening gives the treat a good texture, but does not have the taste of real butter. All in all, I say steer clear of any recipes with butter or butter replacements. 

Honey Replacements

Since, honey is just used as a sweetener in many recipes, it is easy to replace it. I suggest using agave or maple syrup to replace honey.

Yogurt Replacements

Luckily, there are many vegan yogurts that can substitute yogurt in a recipe. I suggest using Kite Hill plain yogurt. In my experience, this brand offers the best tasting vegan yogurt, and is not loaded with unnecessary sugars. Another yogurt replacer is mashed avocado. To be honest, I have never tried this substitute, but I have heard about it. 

Sugar Replacements

Regular sugar is processed with bone char making it not vegan. I recommend using an organic sugar or beet sugar.

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