BEST Fake Meats

Trying to find a good fake meat brand can be challenging for a vegan beginner. This list is for all vegans experimenting with different fake meat brands. Gardein chicken nuggets Gardein is a popular vegan food brand, that offers many great vegan products. My favorite gardein product is definitely their chicken nuggets. The chicken nuggets... Continue Reading →

5 Vegan Baking Tips and Tricks

Don’t despair vegans, vegan baking can be both fun and delicious! After experiencing some of the challenges of baking vegan, I have composed a list of some tips and tricks for baking beginners! Veganise Normal Recipes From my experience, many online vegan recipes are not the best, especially cookie recipes. For example, I have tried... Continue Reading →

Vegan Strawberry Muffins

Before I came vegan, I used to make these mini strawberry muffins with my family. These muffins were always fluffy, moist, and tasty. Sadly, since I went vegan, I could not enjoy these mini muffins. But now, I have veganised the recipe, and ready to share it with the world! Also, I think I am... Continue Reading →

Vegan Baking Replacements

As you probably know, many recipes call for milk, eggs, honey, butter, yogurt, and refined sugar, which are all non vegan ingredients. If you are craving a sweet on a vegan diet don’t fear, it is easy to replace non vegan items in a recipe. This list will provide you with some of my favorite... Continue Reading →

Why I Became Vegan!

I became vegan about 1 year ago, and I wanted to share a little story about my vegan journey. Hope you enjoy!! Throughout my whole life, I have never really enjoyed any meat products. I usually ate meat products to satisfy my parents at the dinner table, but I never craved a hamburger or a... Continue Reading →

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